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gongkong® started its business in the year of 1999 when China's heavy chemical industry and industrialization process began, and grew in the china's manufacturing industry��s rising golden decade. gongkong® is a top10 industrial website in China, also is one of the first batch of listed companies for the new 3rd board (an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises).

Having been long-term engaged in China manufacturing automation and information of Internet service, gongkong® is the founder and leader. It��s an industry Internet service platform with symbolic significance, as well as an advocator for innovative business model and industrial optimizer and builder. In 2014, gongkong® established its ��8341�� corporate development strategy, which means the industrial connectivity and intelligent manufacturing ��Internet +�� service platform.
Based on its 8 platforms including the website shirtshak.com & gongkong Market Research, gongkong MALL & EBN, gongkong BPO & MRO, gongkong EDU & HR, etc., gongkong® provides:

The optimized service of marketing strategy, brand promotion, product sales, technical support and team building for the industrial connectivity and intelligent manufacturing solution as well as the help to reduce the cost and to improve the efficiency for enterprise operation through creating a new business model.
The industrial connectivity and intelligent manufacturing system design, product selection, product procurement, operations and maintenance as well as human resource services to help with China manufacturing industry upgrade and innovation & productivity improvement.

By the end of 2014, the number of registered users for shirtshak.com has reached 3.2 million with an average monthly increase of more than 20,000 people. The number of total users and newly registered ones both rank the top of the industry. The registered people are from more than 300,000 end users including technical engineer, purchasing engineer, service engineer and management personnel. With average daily independent IP visits of more than 80,000 times, the page views exceed 1.4 million times. It keeps the leading position in China electricity and automation industry in terms of registered user, daily website visit, number of professional information and media effects. With the number of registered corporate members over 1200, including long-term cooperated international and domestic well-known brands, such as SIEMENS, Schneider, ABB, Emerson, Rockwell, MITSUBISHI, OMRON, Honeywell, GE, FUJI, Panasonic, Bosch Rexroth, NI, DELTA, Advantech, Inovance, ZKTeco, Hollysys, INVT, etc., gongkong® is the first choice as a cooperated partner and service platform for automation enterprise marketing.